Top Applied Linguistics Programs/Departments.
We have listed, on this page, some of the top universities in the USA that have applied linguistics departments or programs.  We will soon put more universities, including those from other countries.

Renowned Applied Linguistics Programs:

Since the list below is not a ranking, it should be taken with caution.  Though several universities have made it into our list, some programs are in fact better than the others (depending on the needs of the student). Therefore, you should make your own rankings based on your own criteria.  We suggest visiting the websites of the programs given here, and looking at the program and faculty members closely in order to make any decisions among them (or others).  Most of the universities given here offer a doctorate (PhD) degree though some offer a masters (MA) in applied linguistics as the highest degree.

We have listed, on these pages, what we believe some of the best applied linguistics (and sometimes TESOL/TEFL/TESL) programs and departments in the US are.  The list is by no means a ranking, and will regularly be updated.  Thus, if you believe that a particular program should be added to the list, please bring it to our attention by using the "contacts" menu (white pencil) or by e-mailing We will soon add programs from other countries, too.



Top Applied Linguistics / SLA Programs / Departments (US & Canada only):

The list:

"Some" of the top applied linguistics and language acquisition programs in the US and Canada.


Note that the list below is not a ranking, and does not necessarily include all the top applied linguistics programs in the US and Canada, and has been prepared with a partial linguistic bias (i.e. there are several other great programs that are not so linguistics-oriented, but are rather more applied).  More universities will regularly be added in the list!  Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions into what other universities can be included.  Your suggestions can also be about universities outside the US and Canada since the list will soon be enlarged to include applied linguistics programs all over the world.


Boston University (Department of Applied Linguistics), Massachusetts

Note: both applied and theoretical


McGill University (Department of Linguistics), Montreal

Note: requires sound theoretical linguistics background.


University of Hawaii at Manoa (Second Language Studies & Department of Linguistics), Hawaii

Note: Both departments do work on SLA in Hawaii, and both are top notch, the latter more theoretical than the latter.).


Indiana University (Second Language Studies), Indiana

Note: both theory and application, several good names.


Georgetown University (Department of Linguistics), Washington, DC

Note: requires sound theoretical linguistics background.


University of California (Department of Applied Linguistics), Los Angeles, California

Note: a bit on the applied side.


University of Arizona (Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, Arizona

Note: quite on the applied side

Columbia University (Applied Linguistics), New York

Note: very applied, good if you have "teaching" interests.


University of Maryland (Second Language Acquisition), Maryland

Note: new department, a lot of potential, on the applied side.


University of Pittsburgh (Department of Linguistics), Pennsylvania

Note: in the linguistics department, both theory and application.


City University of New York (CUNY) (Department of Linguistics), New York

Note: requires theoretical background


University of Toronto (Department of Linguistics), Toronto

Note: requires sound theoretical background


Penn State University (Department of Applied Linguistics), Pennsylvania

Note: quite applied, some emphasis on theory


University of Iowa (Department of Linguistics), Iowa

Note: requires sound theoretical background


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