What are the leading applied linguistics journals?
We have listed here some of the most well known applied linguistics journals.


What are the leading applied linguistics journals and conferences?

The following is a list of some of the renowned journals where applied linguistics and second language acquisition articles can be found. Among these, we believe, for linguists, SLR has a better impact, whereas for more applied people (people with education, psychology, etc. backgrounds), SSLA and Cognition might be better.  Please let us know if you want us to consider adding any other journals:

Second Language Research (SLR)

Studies in Second Language Acquisition (SSLA)


Language Acquisition

Language Learning


On the conferences side, we believe the following are the top, in no particular order:

GALA (Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition)

GALANA (Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America)

GASLA (Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition)

BUCLD (Boston University Conference on Language Acquisition)

SLRF (Second Language Research Forum)

GALA and GALANA are especially selective, and are linguistics-oriented. They include presentations on both first and second language acquisition, which adds to the selectivity of these conferences. Among the two, GALANA is more selective for oral presentations (only one session is held at a time), whereas GALA is more selective overall, when both oral and poster presentations are together taken into consideration, for GALANA accepts a lot of posters, and is not very selective there. GASLA is also more linguistics-oriented, but the talks there are only on second language acquisition, making it a bit less selective than GALANA. Nevertheless, given that they also hold one session at a time, and given the quality of papers presented, it is quite selective for oral presentations. BUCLD holds many sessions at a time, and accepts a lot of papers, but they have a bigger applicant pool, for it is very popular with psychologists and pedagogy-oriented people, too, in addition to linguists, and presentations are on both first and second language acquisition. We would say SLRF is the least selective of the five above, but still much more selective than most other applied linguistics conferences not listed here.

All this being said, note that some of the top theoretical linguistics conferences, such as NELS and WCCFL (most selective theoretical linguistics conferences), sometimes have sessions on topics related to applied linguistics, and these, too, carry at least as much prestige for an applied linguistics researcher. The same is true for journals, too. If you can get a language acquisition article published in Linguistic Inquiry, for example, that carries a lot of prestige.

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